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An open envelope with a letter sticking out.

A letter from Sandy

Here is a letter we received from Sandy who wanted to share his experience of what support has meant to him.

A man stands with a bike and tent at night time at Loch Vaich.

The Great Outdoors

Roberto shares his photographs with us. Here are his outdoor trips to great locations.

A row of books lined up together with their spines facing outwards.

Knocking on the Wall

Trevor, one of the people we support, would like to share his book with you. It is called ‘Knocking on the Wall’.

A village with green fields and a blue mountain in the background. Camarès, Le Balcon du Monde, France.

A view from above

Check out Angus’s artwork and a few words from him about how he makes these fantastic pictures.

Getting better by degrees

Marie-Anne, who we work with, wrote this article for us about her recovery
journey, and how we are helping her to get a University Degree in Criminology.

Ashley’s winter art

View superb winter pictures created by Ashley especially for our December newsletter.

Pat’s photography

We always love to see the creative pieces shared by people registered with us. Here, Pat shares his photographs including stunning scenes of Fort William.

Our work in 2023

View a round-up of our work from 2023, including feedback from people we support.

Registration Line closed over Christmas

Our Registration Line will close on Thursday 21 December at 4pm. It will open again on Friday 5 January at 10am. These are only the dates when Future Pathways will be closed over the Winter period.

Two overlapping speech bubbles.

New ways to give feedback

Sharing your feedback with us means we can keep improving Future Pathways and get better at helping the people we support. Find out more about how you can give feedback.

Resilience Learning Partnership

Resilience Learning Partnership have created a new resource to help embed a trauma-informed and responsive approach across policy and practice. Find out more.

Yvonne’s pottery

Yvonne found making pottery to be therapeutic and a chance to express creativity. Here, she shares photographs of her impressive creations.

Scenes of Glasgow

Lauchlan shares his fantastic, evocative paintings of the people and places of Glasgow. Featuring key landmarks, alongside people he has known, these are a great snapshot of the city.

Redress Support Service

Redress Support Service offers personalised support to people throughout their redress journey. Find out more.

Chris’s drawings

Chris, who is supported by Future Pathways, has been drawing for many years. Here, he shares some of his pictures.

Your words

At Future Pathways, we ask people how it feels to work with us. It helps us to improve our service and to learn. See what people have said.

Meet the Partner – Centered

Our latest Meet the Partner feature shines a light on the work of Centred. Working across the Highlands, they support people with their mental health, in their own homes and in Centred’s Recovery Centre in Inverness. Find out more about their work.

Future Pathways at The Gathering

Future Pathways is taking part in The Gathering 2023 as both exhibitor and as event host. We are delighted to be part of SCVO’s diverse and inspiring programme. Find out more.

Discretionary Fund update

This is an update about Future Pathways’ fund, used to help support the people we work with. You can find more information here.

Registration Line closed 16-20 October 2023

A note that our Registration Line is closed Monday 16th October to Friday 20th October. The line will open again at 10am on Monday 23rd October. If you’re finding things hard, it can be good to talk to someone. The Samaritans The Samaritans offer a safe place for you to

Impactful partnership working

Discover our latest report created with The Lasting Difference. It highlights our partnership work with a range of services.

Working together as an Alliance

In this feature we explore working together as an Alliance and how our collaborative approach strengthens the service we deliver.

A pile of books against a blue backdrop.

The power of words

Alex has been working with us for about a year. We helped him to write a
book – and he’s already planning the next one. Find out more.

Meet the Partner: Dan Ross Motivation

Dan Ross is a life coach and one of our new Delivery Partners. Find out more about how helps people to reframe their thinking and find new perspectives on challenges.

Q&A with Matter of Focus 

Find out more about our learning partnership with Matter of Focus, a company who help organisations to understand, evaluate and track the difference they make.

The Suit

Discover one of the latest creative pieces shared by one of our contributors – a wonderful poem called The Suit.

Collaborative research

Find out more about key research created with Matter of Focus, a company that helps services to learn and improve.

Natural Talent

Discover the work of Grant, a skilled photographer. We supported him to pursue his talent. Check out his fantastic photographs and read his story here.

Meet the Provider: Cellfield

Discover the work of Cellfield. They help people people to improve their reading skills and are one of our support providers.

Making Pathways Together

Find out about Making Pathways Together – a project about improving our service for the people we support.


Check out this fantastic photograph by one of the people we support.

Fly On

Read a wonderful poem by one of our contributors.

Support during Winter

If you’re finding things hard during the Christmas period, you can contact services like the Samaritans or Breathing Space. Details here.

Research: Cost of Living Crisis

We’ve been looking into how the increased cost of living affects the people we support. Read our research feature to find out more.

Meet the Partner: Birthlink

Find out more about Birthlink who support people to access care records and learn more about their family histories.

In the picture: Liam’s story

Find out more about how Liam was supported by Future Pathways to follow his passion for photography and complete a course.

Cost of living

If you need help with the cost of living, there are a range of places you can access support.

Scotland’s Redress Scheme – Update 12/10/21

The Scottish Government has issued a note confirming that Scotland’s Redress Scheme is on schedule to open for applications in December this year. More details in the link:…/financial-redress-for-survivors-of-…/

Future Pathways Impact Report

Future Pathways was set up in 2016 to directly address the inequalities people have experienced because of childhood abuse in care. Our aim is to enable people to live happier, healthier, and more independent lives by offering support that is aligned with each person’s aspiration and circumstances. Our role is

Future Pathways Alliance structure is changing

Since 2016 Future Pathways has been delivered by Health in Mind, Penumbra, Glasgow Psychological Trauma Services (often called ‘The Anchor’) and the Mental Health Foundation (MHF). With the Future Pathways contract renewal announced last year becoming effective on March 31st, the MHF has decided this is the right time for

Alliance Manager welcomes Future Pathways extension

News that £9 million of funding has been granted to allow Future Pathways to run for even longer has been welcomed. The Scottish Government has announced that it will fund the project for a further two years until at least 2023. Flora Henderson, Alliance Manager for Future Pathways, said: “This

The invisible war

During lockdown, you have been sharing your thoughts about the pandemic with Future Pathways. Vicky has asked us to share her poem about it with you: The world is fighting a war – you could say, it is world war three. But this battle has no exploding bombs, soldiers firing

Financial redress for in care abuse survivors announced

Legislation to provide financial redress to people who were abused in care as children is set to be introduced in Scotland this year. Deputy First Minister John Swinney has confirmed that the Redress (Survivors of In Care Abuse) (Scotland) Bill will be introduced in the Scottish Parliament following its summer

Reflections on lockdown

How do you feel about life under lockdown? One of the people supported by Future Pathways shared his thoughts with us: “I’m amazed at how little this pandemic has impacted my life. In the beginning, the very word “pandemic ” brought fear surging into my life but as time went

“Things are so much better”

Here is a case study about Daniel, who registered with Future Pathways after struggling with housing issues. Daniel came to Future Pathways as he had a difficult and traumatic upbringing in care. He was assigned to receive team support from Future Pathways, which involves a group of support coordinators sharing

COVID-19 (coronavirus) update March 17

You may have heard that the Scottish/UK Government has responded to the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) by declaring that people should avoid travelling unless absolutely necessary.  The specific advice issued yesterday is: Anyone with a fever or persistent cough should stay at home for 14 days. Anyone who lives

Spotlight on – The Moira Anderson Foundation

The Moira Anderson Foundation (MAF) serves Scotland from its base in Airdrie and specialises in supporting people who have experienced abuse. It was one of the first organisations to work with Future Pathways since we were set up in 2016 and has supported several people since then. One example is

Latest Future Pathways update is out now!

More than 1,000 people had registered for support with Future Pathways by summer 2019, according to the latest quarterly report. There was an average of 40 registrations a month, with an increase in the number signing up from out-with the central belt and the rest of the UK. And all

Support Provider spotlight – Mandy Gaze

Mandy is a Support Provider for Future Pathways. Read on to find out about her work with people who were abused in care as children. “My name is Mandy and I work in the Scottish Borders in Galashiels. I work with Future Pathways in two ways – I offer counselling

Glasgow School of Massage joins Future Pathways

A massage school offering trauma-informed treatment has joined Future Pathways as a Support Provider.  The Glasgow School of Massage offers training courses as well as various therapies to help address people’s wellbeing.  Head tutor and therapist Rachel Black offers a private treatment clinic to the public with a range of

We want to hear from you!

Survivors who are registered with Future Pathways are being invited to take part in a series of feedback events across Scotland. The engagement sessions are an opportunity for people receiving support from the organisation to share their opinions and ideas about the service. It is very important to hear directly

“I didn’t know that I could get on in life”

In this case study, Marie talks about how Future Pathways helped her to break down the barriers in her life which were holding her back. Before registering and working with Future Pathways, Marie felt that it was not possible to have people in her world that could care about her.

“Nothing was sure in my mind, but I was willing to go with it”

In this case study, Jack talks about his experience of working with Future Pathways and how it has helped him. Before meeting his Support Coordinator, Jack was unsure about how things were going to go, what support he would receive, and even if he’d be entitled to receive support. “I’ve