Sharing knowledge, learning together

At Future Pathways, we try hard to provide the best service that we can. We’ve
learned a lot about how to do that since we started in 2016, but there’s more
that we can learn. And there are probably things that other organisations
could learn from us. That’s why we’ve started a new initiative called the
Action Learning Programme.

The programme will last 12 months. It will be led by a group called The Lasting Difference. They are experts in helping organisations like ours to find ways to improve what they do.

Some of the main things we’re going to do are:
  • Encourage different organisations to talk to each other and share their experiences of what worked well and what could be improved
  • Find some examples of things that people did that worked really well for survivors
  • Find ways to tackle barriers that currently make it harder for survivors to get support
Some of the ideas included looking at:
  • How important it is that we learn about and share what we do well. This includes looking at how working together with other services can help to make sure the difference we make lasts.
  • The benefits of services working together. This includes finding examples of how services have connected with each other to meet people’s needs, and how this can help us to work with more people and to make a bigger difference.
  • How to support change and have the biggest impact. This includes looking at small changes that could make a big difference to improve our ways of working and how we work with others.
  • Better understanding the people we have not been able to reach or who are not getting the most out of our support, why that is and what we might be able to do to help.

We are working with 9 delivery partners, including MindMosaic Counselling and Therapy, LinkLiving, Health in Mind Trauma Support Service, LifeLink and Robin Trewartha (Independent Counselling Psychologist). 

We’ll keep you updated on our progress. 
You can view more learning from Future Pathways in our latest Quarterly Report

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