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Future Pathways Impact Report

Future Pathways was set up in 2016 to directly address the inequalities people have experienced because of childhood abuse in care. Our aim is to enable people to live happier, healthier, and more independent lives by offering support that is aligned with each person’s aspiration and circumstances.

Our role is to listen, understand what is needed and ensure that the widest possible range of support is available. There is no set menu because the impact of childhood experiences is individual, and we believe that people should be able to choose their supports.

We are learning that it is possible to provide effective help, even transformative help. The best of the work is collaborative, led by the person and usually involves other professionals and services.

We are still learning about what really works for people and what is needed to enable high quality support. Too often, it remains difficult for people to connect with the services they need. Our first impact report shares how people have experienced Future Pathways, their achievements and some of the work yet to do.

We hope that by sharing our experiences, we create space for survivors’ needs and experiences to be heard and understood so that is easier for people to find and get support when it is needed.

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Anne’s Experience 

Read about how Anne has worked with her Support Coordinators to access the right support for her.

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