Quarterly Report October-December 2023

Our latest Quarterly Report is now available to view. It covers our work from October to December 2023. It shows what we’ve learnt, and includes key stats and feedback from those who access Future Pathways. 
What happened in Q3

67 people registered with Future Pathways.

28 people started working with a Support Coordinator.

109 people accessed support from 37 Delivery Partners.

Who we worked with

The average age of people who registered with us was 43.

57% of people registered with us live in Scotland’s most populated areas.

We continue to find that people we support are more likely to live in deprived areas.

How people felt

Most of the feedback we received from people registered with us was positive.

People shared that they felt Future Pathways understood and cared about them.

People also told us that not being able to access material support sometimes can be difficult.

What people gained

Many people told us that counselling, and support to improve their home environment, makes a big difference. Here, John tells us what he gained from accessing mental health support from Future Pathways: 

“Before I accessed this support, I didn’t know why I couldn’t function. They helped me figure it out for myself. And I am still figuring it out. But now, I am on that journey.”
What changed for people

People shared what changed in their life after accessing support from Future Pathways.

“My Support Coordinator made a colossal difference in my life.. [Future Pathways] has helped fund a number of programmes which have helped ease my depression and physical ailments.”
What difference we made

People shared the impact of their work with Future Pathways. For some people, this was lifechanging. 

“It was night and day compared to with what my life was like […] Future Pathways helped me turn my life around. I started caring about myself, because someone else was caring about me.”
Our full report features further infographics, feedback and a breakdown of our financial spend. Read the full report.

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