Meet the Partner: Graham Wells

Growiser Financial Coaching
A white man with a shaved head stares straight into the camera and smiles with an open mouth, He is wearing a red t-shirt and there are trees in the background.
At Future Pathways we work with many different services that help the people we work with in many different ways. One of these services is GroWiser Financial Coaching, run by Graham Wells. Graham helps people to learn new habits to help them look after their money.

Graham Wells is a financial coach. Financial coaching is about helping people to change their feelings or thoughts about money.

Graham says: “Often when people seek support, they worry that they will come across as being stupid. But it is not about telling people what they have done wrong or telling them what they should do differently.” Instead, Graham explains, it is about helping them to look after their money in a better way.

There are two sides to what Graham does.

One side is helping people learn more about how money works. This might be things like how to build an emergency fund or how to keep track of money. He helps people to work out what is important. And this helps people to develop better money habits.

The other side of what Graham does is helping people to change the way they behave in relation to money. Sometimes Graham gives people tasks. For example, making lists of where their money comes from and where it goes.

People can feel much better when they have control of their money.

Graham’s 5 steps

Graham’s 5 steps for looking after your money.

Think about how you spend.

Spend your time and money in line with your values and what is important to you. Do not forget your future self.

Get rid of your debt.

Find the best way for using and repaying debt. Know the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ debt.

Keep your loved ones in mind.

Prepare for things you do not expect. Build peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Nurture your wealth.

‘Wealthy’ and ‘rich’ are not the same. Wealth means looking after your whole life, not just your money.

Create your future.

Make a plan for how you would like to spend your time as you get older. Do not leave it to others to define your life path.

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