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About Future Pathways

Future Pathways is the first project of its kind in Scotland. We have always had a lot to learn, and since the start, we have focused on doing that.  This site captures what we have learned and the impact we have had. The report is based on our learning from 2016 to the end of 2019. Click below if you would like to view a print version of our impact report.  

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We will act ethically and with complete honesty at all times


We will do what we say we will do

Transparency & Openness

There will be no surprises. We will explain the rationale for our deeds or decisions


We will respect the confidentiality of Information provided by survivors

Equity & Equality

We will be sensitive to equity and equality in our approach

Respect & Respectfullness

We will respect each other and all those we are in contact with

Being Supportive & Being Supported

We will strive to put survivor`s needs first. We will support each other

Impact Report


Now you’ve found out a bit about us, why not find out more about what we do? Our recent Impact Report will provide you with a great insight to what we do, here at Future Pathways

Our Case Studies

Future Pathways at work

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From a Survivor

Debbie’s story

Future Pathways helps people to live the life they want

From a Support Coordinator

A Support Coordinator’s Perspective

Supporting people to access numerous services