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Ashley’s winter art

Ashley created these images especially for our December newsletter. 
She said: “I’ve loved art ever since I was a child, but after leaving school I never really picked up a pencil until lockdown. Then I got into painting at home, with the help and support of Future Pathways. I recently started an online art course. I am learning so much in this journey, namely patience. I am the type who likes it done as quick as possible, but I know a realistic picture isn’t going to take less than 20 or 30 hours. I made these three art pieces over 5 days (no mean feat).”
A portrait of a girl who stares at the viewer. She wears a blue hat and scarf, has blue eyes and white skin. Snow falls around her.
A deer stands facing the viewer as snow falls down and light shines behind the deer.
A girl stands in profile with her hand on a fawn, giving it a kiss on its nose. She wears a brown hat and scarf, a turquoise coat and a yellow mitten. They are in a bare woodland with snow on the ground and snowflakes falling around them.

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John’s experience

John describes his support from Future Pathways and how it has felt different to the other services he has accessed in the past.

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