Grace-Anne’s paintings

Grace-Anne shares her wonderful paintings with us. She says:
“It’s never too late to learn new things. Learn to appreciate yourself and all you’ve overcame through expression. Whether that be art, writing, dance or song. Be unashamedly you because the world is a much nicer place when you learn to be authentically you. That’s your purpose…to live.”
Four red/pink poppies on a white background, each in different stages of bloom.
A silhouetted bush/long grass with water in the background a sunset of blue, pink, yellow and red.
A close up of the head of a bright orange flower with green leaves and a blue background.
A white horse running towards the viewer with a flame-coloured mane. The background is made up of multi coloured brush strokes.
A view of a beach and water created with lines of colour in blue, turquoise and yellow, with a pink and blue sky.
A dark blue silhouette of a sailing boat against a vivid orange and yellow sunset.
A silhouette of bare trees against a sky which gradually goes from a pale blue and pink to a vivid yellow and orange.
A blue and white detailed pictures of a set of feathers against a black background.
An abstract geometric picture created with grey and blue triangles and quadrilaterals, separated by thick white lines.

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