Quarterly Report July-September 2023

Our latest Quarterly Report is now available to view. It covers our work from July to September 2023. It shows what we’ve learnt, and includes key stats and feedback from those who access Future Pathways. 
What happened in Q2

75 people registered with Future Pathways.

33 people started working with a Support Coordinator.

107 people accessed support from 43 Delivery Partners.

Who we worked with

The average age of people who registered with us was 47.

77% of people who register with us live in the Central Belt of Scotland.

Many people who register with us have a disability or a health condition that impacts their daily life and ability to access services

How people felt

Most of the feedback from people registered with us was positive.

Some people expressed appreciation for Future Pathways’ support and told us they felt heard. 

People also shared that it is difficult when they cannot access swift and responsive support. 

Delivery Partners shared feedback that they feel valued and supported by Future Pathways.

What people gained

People we support said that the most impactful support was accessing mental health support and being able to improve their homes. 

Our Delivery Partners shared feedback that they learned about the needs and challenges of people we support by working with Future Pathways. 

What changed for people

Anne shares what changes for her after accessing Future Pathways’ support.

“The cinema membership encouraged me to leave the flat and venture into town. When the cinema was quiet, I felt safe, like I didn’t have to scan the place.”

Some Delivery Partners fed back that they had changed how they work because of their work with Future Pathways. 

What difference we made

Josie shares the impact of Future Pathways’ support.

“That old life has gone now. I love my life now. I am in a happier place. I’m more me.”
Our full report features further infographics, feedback and a breakdown of our financial spend. Read the full report. 

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