Five Ways to Winter Wellbeing

Your Five Ways to Winter Wellbeing:
A special feature from Health in Mind

It is important that we take care of our wellbeing, especially during the Winter months. Here are some ideas for winter wellbeing activities:

picture of letter writing materials, including letters, envelopes, an ink pot, a quill pen and a picture of a hand holding a pen writing a letter.
Connect: writing a card for someone can help you feel connected.

Good relationships are important for mental wellbeing. It is important that we make time to connect with the people who matter to us. By looking after these relationships, we feel happier and more secure, giving a better sense of purpose. Ways to connect with others include:

  • Set up a group chat with friends or to plan winter activities
  • Write a card to someone you have not spoken to in a while
  • Make a playlist for someone in your life and chat about it together
  • Reduce your screen time when you are with other people. Put the phone away, close your laptop, turn off the TV and have a chat
A picture of winter clothing, including three winter jumpers, a pair of boots, a mitten, a hat and a pair of socks.
Get active: getting outdoors can improve your mood.

You should try to do something active every day, even if it is cold and dark outside. A walk every day can give your body a boost, lift your mood and make everyday activities easier. Other ways to keep active this winter include:

  • Doing stretches or gentle movement that works for you
  • If you can, getting outside every day – even for just 5 minutes
  • Going for a walk in your local area
A picture of knitting equipment, including a basket of wool, scissors, a ball of wool with knitting needles and a bobbin of thread.
Take notice: taking up a mindful hobby can improve your wellbeing.

We can improve our mental wellbeing by paying attention to the present moment – to our own thoughts and feelings and to the world around us. This is sometimes called mindfulness. Here are just a few ways you can pay attention to the present moment this winter:

  • Take notice of the seasons changing and how it impacts the things around you
  • Buy an amaryllis bulb and watch it grow over the winter months
  • Take up a mindful indoor hobby like journaling or knitting
A picture of kitchen utensils including a kettle, spatula, glass and grater.
Keep learning: learning new things, like trying a new recipe,
can help our mental wellbeing.

Learning new things is useful. It can also improve our mental wellbeing. Learning means different things to everyone. This could mean studying for a new qualification or learning a new recipe in the kitchen.

  • Try out a new winter recipe
  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook about a topic you do not know about
  • Try a new DIY project you have been wanting to do
  • Ask questions and learn from the people around you
A picture of bags of groceries and a trolley of food shopping.
Give: shopping locally supports small business in your local community.

From small acts of kindness to volunteering, giving can give you a sense of purpose, community and connection. Ways you can give back this winter include the following:

  • Trying to shop locally so you can help small businesses
  • Donating or volunteer your time to a cause in your community
  • Raising awareness of causes on social media by sharing posts about issues that are important to you
The above feature was adapted from Coorie In, a special winter publication from Health in Mind. You can read and download the full version here.
Health in Mind are one of the partners of the In Care Survivors Alliance. They are a charity that promote positive mental health and wellbeing in Scotland. Find out more about their work and the services they offer at

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