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Survivor Andy Weir has shared how what happened to him in care

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Sharing the truth

Survivor Andy Weir has shared how what happened to him in care has affected his life in a blog post in Third Force News – here’s an extract and a link to the article:

“I really enjoy my job as a peer support worker with a homeless charity – it’s challenging but rewarding. I’ve got a nice flat in Glasgow, and I feel that life is good.

“I imagine that most people who meet me these days would be shocked to learn that I was once addicted to alcohol and was living on the streets – and it wasn’t even that long ago.

“My start in life was bad – I was in care. I suffered from abuse by the people who were supposed to be caring for me. Both were difficult – however one care home was particularly problematic as I was surrounded by older negative influences. I saw and experienced a lot of stuff in care. We were encouraged to never question anything, and I suppose in a way I was taken from a chaotic environment and placed in another. I went in problematic and came out of care at 16, no life skills, confused, scared.

“Future Pathways has been so important to me. It has enabled me to live the comfortable life I live today, and I’ve been reassured about my own abilities and skills, encouraged to college and ultimately to work, I can speak to my support coordinator on an even keel, she doesn’t judge or assume anything, I can share my issues no problem. I’m consider myself very lucky to be in the position in in today and FP has had a huge influence. It puts the faith back in people.”Read the full article by clicking here.

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