A view from above

We have been working with Angus. He has a very interesting hobby. He takes photos using a drone. Then he changes the images so that they look like paintings. Here are four examples of Angus’s work, and a few words from him about how it is done.

“It all started because I wanted other people to come and film the cricket field near where I live in Canada. I found myself saying ‘somebody should’. Every time I find myself saying ‘somebody should’, then usually that is a signal to say, ‘you’ll have to do it yourself’. And then when lockdown happened, I thought, well, here is an opportunity to get a drone and learn to fly it. Future Pathways helped me to get some training and certification.

At first, I thought that if I could combine beautiful landscapes with classical music, it would make some spectacular videos. Because it is a very different perspective when you are 100ft up in the air. And then I started to create some still images by taking parts out of the drone videos.

Then, because I was interested in old travel posters, I learned how to remaster images and how to blow them up large. And then from that, I figured out how to transform pictures digitally.

So, by combining all these things, I managed to create a type of art which I was not originally able to do.

I love taking the drone on holiday with me too, particularly to France. Every three metres, there’s something extraordinary to film!”

A statue of a figure overlooking green fields and a blue hill with a blue and yellow sky. Notre Dame de Camarès in the Sud Aveyron, France.

Above: Notre Dame de Camarès in the Sud Aveyron, France

A village in green fields beside a river with a mountain behind it. Mont-Saint-Hilaire and the river Richelieu, Québec

Above: Mont-Saint-Hilaire and the river Richelieu, Québec

A village with green fields and a blue mountain in the background. Camarès, Le Balcon du Monde, France.

Above: Camarès, Le Balcon du Monde, France.

A brown hillside with green grass and green trees against a blue sky with white wispy clouds.  Le Rougier de Camarès, France

Above: Le Rougier de Camarès, France.

Angus has taken his love of art and vintage posters and created an online shop, shipping his prints all round the world. If you would like to have a look, the website is www.iwantitonmywall.com

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An open envelope with a letter sticking out.

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A man stands with a bike and tent at night time at Loch Vaich.

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Knocking on the Wall

Trevor, one of the people we support, would like to share his book with you. It is called ‘Knocking on the Wall’.

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