Quarterly Report April-June 2023

Our latest Quarterly Report is now available to view. It covers our work from April to June 2023. It shows what we’ve learnt, and includes key stats and feedback from those who access Future Pathways. 
What happened in Q1

57 people registered with Future Pathways.

15 people started working with a Support Coordinator.

80 people accessed support from 26 Delivery Partners.

Who we worked with

The average age of people who registered with us was 46.

77% of people who register with us live in the Central Belt of Scotland.

We learned that most of the people we support may have a disability or a health condition.

How people felt

Most of the feedback we received was positive.

Some people told us they felt listened to and able to trust the service.

On the other hand, waiting for support can make people feel frustrated, unable to progress and unimportant.

What people gained

People gained access to a wide range of supports.

Accessing mental health supports and exploring creative interests were most helpful.

What changed for people

Someone we supported shared what is different for them:

“It has given me a lot of confidence […] Now I want to give something back.”
What difference we made

Someone we supported shared the sense of purpose they now feel: 

“I know I am there for the right reason, to make people realise that they have a voice […] I feel passionate about Voices for a Better Future.”*
Our full report features further infographics, feedback and a breakdown of our financial spend. Read the full report.

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