Our work in 2023

In this feature, we take a look at our work from 2023, covering January to November. The round-up below shows key information about the work we do, shining a light on who we work with, how they feel and the difference made to people’s lives across Scotland, the wider UK and beyond. 
What did we do?
Who did we work with?

We worked with people from all over the world, but most people who registered with us live in central Scotland.  

More younger people have registered with us over the last year, and the average age of people registered with us has decreased.  

Through our new ‘About Me’ form we learned that people we support are more likely to experience inequalities like homelessness, addiction, criminal conviction, and disabilities and health conditions that affect their everyday life.   

We worked with 69 Delivery Partners offering a wide range of different types of support.

How did people feel when they engaged with us?

We learned more about people’s experiences with us through our new feedback forms. 

Everyone who gave us feedback on our website felt their experience with Future Pathways was “mostly positive”. 

Everyone who gave us feedback after reviewing or ending their support felt understood and cared about by Future Pathways, and that they could trust the service. 

Here are words people we support used to describe our service:

Delivery Partners told us they feel valued by Future Pathways. The most common word Delivery Partners used to describe Future Pathways was “collaborative”. Most Delivery Partners who answered our questionnaire told us that working with Future Pathways was different to working with other services. Delivery Partners told us that our transparent feedback, open-ness to dialogue, and focus on learning and improvement made Future Pathways different.  

What did people learn and gain?

Most people who gave us feedback after reviewing or ending their support told us they knew what changes they want to make in their life.  

Most people told us they knew more about their strengths and what they can do. 

Most people also felt they had opportunities to influence how Future Pathways develops.  

Most Delivery Partners who responded to our questionnaire shared they had learned more about the people we support through our work together.  

What did people do differently?

Everyone who gave us feedback after reviewing or ending their support felt able to access support that is right for them. Most people also agreed that they have taken steps towards their goals.  

Most Delivery Partners told us that they had made changes to how they work with people because of what they have learned through working with Future Pathways.  

What difference did we make?

Most people who gave us feedback after reviewing or ending their support felt more independent. Most people strongly agreed that they now feel more hopeful about the future. Some people told us that their life was better overall. 

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