How we help

We support people who were abused or neglected as a child when they were in the Scottish care system. If this is you, we want to help you live well.

We will support you in your life goals and help you work towards them.

This is a free service. 

See how we can support you in reaching your goals.

Find out more about who can register for support.  

Details on the ways you can register with us.

Who can register?

To be able to register, any abuse or neglect you experienced must have taken place when you were under 18, in Scotland, within a care setting. This includes:
  • Living in residential or foster care
  • Boarding school (either state, private or independent)
  • Having a long term stay in hospital
  • Or spending time in a Young Offenders’ Institution

As long as you are over 18 now, and the abuse or neglect took place before you were 18, you can register.

It doesn’t matter if:

  • the abuse or neglect has been reported to the authorities (such as the police)
  • there are current or past criminal or civil proceedings taking place
  • you have previously accessed other services
  • you are currently receiving benefits
  • you don’t live in Scotland.

What support is available?

You might have a clear idea about the type of support you are looking for – or might need a bit of help getting there. Our goal is to have a positive impact on your life, regardless of where you live, or when the abuse took place.

The following examples show the range of reasons people may contact Future Pathways for support.
These are just examples and do not cover every circumstance. Get in touch with us for a chat to find out if you are eligible, and to start the process of identifying what support you would like to access.

Examples of support we can arrange for you

Activities within your local community

Psychological trauma support

Counselling and other therapies

Arranging housing and benefit advice

Access to records

Work and education


Any information you give us will be stored confidentially, and only used so we can co-ordinate your support. You have control over all the information you provide.

Any discussions you have with staff at Future Pathways will be entirely confidential. The only time we would share information is if we’re concerned for your safety, or the safety of a child or vulnerable adult. If this happens, we will still tell you what we are going to do.

Watch our animation to find out how Future Pathways works:

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