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Our waiting list

We want to be here for you. We are working hard to make sure you can access the service as soon as possible.   

A lot of people register with us for support. This means that currently people are waiting longer than we would like. It is not always possible for us to say how long you will have to wait. We understand that this can be frustrating. 

We look forward to providing support for you as soon as we can.  

Why is there a waiting list? 

Many people register with us to get support. But we are not able to support everyone at the same time. This means we cannot offer support right away and so we have a waiting list.  

Can you tell me how long I will have to wait? 

No, we are not able to tell you how long you will have to wait. We do not want to give you a waiting time that might change as we know people can feel let down by that. We support people for different lengths of time, depending on their goals and needs. Because of this, it is difficult to know when we can start working with people on the waitlist.    

What is Future Pathways doing to reduce the waiting time? 

We have increased the number of Support Coordinators. We now have more than 35. 

Can I get any other support from Future Pathways while I wait?  

At the moment, we cannot offer direct support while you are waiting.   

We can point you to other services that may be able to offer support while you wait. This includes statutory services, like the NHS or housing services. Future Pathways does not replace statutory services and cannot offer the same support that those services provide. 

Do you prioritise support for some people?

We prioritise older adults (people over 65) and people living with a terminal illness. For everyone else, we offer support in the order they registered with us.   

How will I know I am registered? 

Once you have registered with us, we will send you an Information Pack. The pack will confirm you have been registered. It will also give you more information about Future Pathways. It will include a Support Agreement for you to sign and send back to us. We will send you an Information Pack within 2 weeks of you registering. The Information Pack is also on our website and you can view it here.

How can I connect with Future Pathways while I wait for support? 

You can stay connected with us through our newsletter, Facebook and X/Twitter where we share updates about the service, plus features and articles. Any upcoming events will also be shared through our newsletter and social media.  

Where can I find more information about the service? 

Our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) cover a range of different topics. You can view the FAQs here.

How can I give feedback about Future Pathways? 

You can give us feedback at any time through our website: www.future-pathways.co.uk/feedback 

If you would like to get a copy of the feedback form by post instead, you can let us know by:  

  • emailing engagement@future-pathways.co.uk 
  • writing to us at Future Pathways, 40 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh EH2 4RT
  • calling our Registration Line on 0808 164 2005
Your GP and NHS services 

During normal working hours always contact your GP for urgent advice and treatment.  

When your GP or Dental Practice is closed and you cannot wait until they are open, you should phone NHS 111 service for out-of-hours advice. The service provides urgent care advice and mental health support.

Call 999 or go to A&E now if you do not feel you can keep yourself or someone else safe. 

The Samaritans  

The Samaritans offer a safe place for you to talk any time you like. You can talk in your own way about whatever is going on. They have a helpline, email service, letter service and a self-help app.  Helpline open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   

Phone for free 116123 www.samaritans.org

Breathing Space 

Breathing Space is a free phone and webchat service. It is confidential. It is for anyone in Scotland over the age of 16. You can contact them if you are experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety. Open 6pm to 2am Monday to Thursday, and 6pm to 6am Friday to Sunday.    

Phone for free 0800 83 85 87 breathingspace.scot


Shout is a free, confidential, 24/7 text messaging support service for anyone who is struggling to cope.  

Text SHOUT to 85258  giveusashout.org

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