Future Pathways Films

An Introduction to Future Pathways

Find out more about who Future Pathways is for, how we could help and what happens when you register.

Future Pathways first anniversary film

Future Pathways marked its first anniversary in September 2017. In this film, staff from the team talk about how Future Pathways works and the types of support people can access, while people who have received support so far talk about the impact it has had on them.


Annemarie, who is receiving support from Future Pathways, talks about the difference it has made to her since she registered.


Adam, who is receiving support from Future Pathways, talks about the difference it has made to him since he registered.

David Whelan

David Whelan, spokesperson for FBGA (Former Boys and Girls Abused of Quarriers Homes), tells us what it means to him to see Future Pathways in place after campaigning for victim-survivors for many years.


Lana talks about the support she’s had from Future Pathways and the difference it’s made to her.

Joanne and Andy

Joanne tells us about her experience with Future Pathways, and Andy talks about what the support has meant for him as a carer.


Sandy talks about what the support of Future Pathways means to him as a survivor.

Shona – part one

Future Pathways Support Co-ordinator Shona explains how to register with Future Pathways, and what happens after you register.

Shona – part two

Shona talks about the types of support available from Future Pathways, and the differences people have told us the support has made to them.

Flora Henderson

Future Pathways Alliance Manager Flora Henderson┬átells us about the support available through Future Pathways, and the feedback we’ve been getting from people who’ve registered so far.

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