Future Pathways Films

Future Pathways – how it has helped us

In this emotional, but uplifting video, survivors who have been supported by Future Pathways describe how the fund has made a difference to their lives.


James has some wonderful things to say about his experience with Future Pathways.


“They have changed my life” – Sandy bravely speaks about the support he has received from Future Pathways.

Joyce Fox

“I’ve never told anyone but I sat down with my support coordinator and told her and she believed me” – Joyce explains how important the support she has received from Future Pathways has been.

Angela Montgomery

“Right from the get go, I found the support absolutely superb” – Angela talks about how Future Pathways supported her to find a love of painting.


“To move forwards, I had to look backwards” – John’s describes his determination to get better, and how he was supported by Future Pathways.


“What happens in your childhood – you carry into adulthood”. Jayne is a survivor. Here, she talks about her experiences and how Future Pathways has helped her.

Flora Henderson

Future Pathways Alliance Manager Flora Henderson┬átells us about the support available through Future Pathways, and the feedback we’ve been getting from people who’ve registered so far.

If you would like to share your experiences of Future Pathways, please get in touch: engagement@future-pathways.co.uk 0141 226 9852.

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