Stepping Stones​

Our latest impact report, Stepping Stones, highlights the difference we have made and how we have made this difference.

This report tells the story of Future Pathways, from our early development to our work up to 2023. The report also looks at what we hope to achieve from 2023 onwards 

We can see that Future Pathways has a positive impact for people we support and for Delivery Partners and existing services. This report also helps us consider how Future Pathways’ work contributes to the wider context. And it shows us where we could learn more. For example, we hope to learn more about the people we support and their experience of Future Pathways.

Key figures

Key figures

What people say

“Everyone is different so we’ve all had different facilities and options from Future Pathways.”

“I feel validated and seen. I have assurance that the support is there, and you are approachable.”

“My Support Coordinator was my crutch, you know just holding me up.”

We hope the findings of this report spur conversation and reflection. We also hope that they create the potential for lasting and tangible change so that people can fully exercise their right to access support.