Alliance Leadership Team Biographies

Alex Davidson (Chair)

Associate, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Alex is an Associate at Healthcare Improvement Scotland; previously an Associate with the Joint Improvement Team following a career in community development and social work management in Lanarkshire and Glasgow. Alex is also currently Independent Chair of Perth and Kinross, East Ayrshire and Argyll and Bute Adult Support and Protection Committees and Chair of Promoting a more inclusive society (PAMIS).

Jane Cumming

Director of Services and Innovation, Penumbra

Penumbra oversees the Research and Information work of Future Pathways.

Jane works for Penumbra as Director of Services and Innovation. Penumbra is a leading provider of mental health services in Scotland. Jane has worked for Penumbra for over 20 years, having previously worked as a Mental Health nurse. Jane is a Social Policy and Sociology graduate of the University of Stirling and is currently a Board member of Mental Health Europe.

Julie Cameron

Head of Programmes, Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation hosts Future Pathways’ Communications and Engagement team.

Julie supports the team through her experience of managing various mental health-related projects since she joined the Mental Health Foundation in 2012. Prior to joining MHF, Julie has 12 years’ experience working for the NHS as a health promotion officer, the voluntary sector as a mental health advocate and private sector as a health improvement consultant and researcher.

Gwenn McCreath

Chief Executive, Health in Mind

Gwenn supports the Future Pathways Manager, and is a member of the Future Pathways Leadership team.

As Chief Executive of Health in Mind, Gwenn has 12 years’ experience of running a charity which includes support for survivors and a wide range of person-centred services.  During her time with Health in Mind, she has been involved in commissioning research focused on the needs of male and female survivors and developing services in response to need.

Gwenn has wide-ranging experience in social care, working at senior level in RNIB Scotland and RNIB UK prior to joining Health in Mind. She is also Chair of Royal Blind and recently joined the Board of EVOC, the umbrella body for Edinburgh’s voluntary sector.

Colin McCormack

Head of Service for Mental Health, Addiction, Learning Disability and Homelessness, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership

Colin McCormack (MA, MCC) has more than 30 years’ experience in health and social care services. He has worked within the NHS since 2000, taking on his current role in 2006. His professional passion is mental health care and he has particular interests in addressing inequalities and developing creative and innovative services that have the users of those services as their focus.

Survivor representatives

The Future Pathways Leadership Team also includes three survivor representatives, who experienced many years in the Scottish care system. One member was chosen through a recruitment and selection process in summer 2016 when Future Pathways was first established, with a further two members recruited through a selection process in July 2017.