This month, we are highlighting one of our provider partners, Birthlink – Adults Affected by Adoption

Adults who have been in care can have similar needs to people who were adopted, perhaps with issues of identity or looking for more information about their origins and extended family.

We currently work with Future Pathways to provide a service to individuals who have registered with them and are looking for support to access care records, learn more about their family histories, and/or make contact with family members.

We are able to provide the following support services:
Records: we can help to try and locate care files and support individuals with the reading and understanding of these records.
Roots: our skilled searchers can search public records to compile family trees
Re-connect: We can act as a go-between in making contact with family members
An example of our work is “John”:

John was referred to Birthlink by Future Pathways. John had seen some of his childhood records before but couldn’t really remember what he had seen. After a chat together, John’s Birthlink worker agreed to send out requests to four different agencies who had possibly overseen his care as a child.

Not all of these agencies had information on John; however two agencies did return some records for him. When his records came back, John was supported by his worker to look through these. Some of the records were difficult for John to see as some of language used was hurtful to him and he was angry and upset by this. Some of the information in his records was not previously known to John and this was also difficult for him.

From reading his records, John found out that he had a sibling who had been adopted as a child. John was supported by his Birthlink worker to register on the Adoption Contact register for Scotland in the hope of reaching out to his adopted brother. John’s name will remain on the register until if or when his adoptive brother also registers.

John also found out he had three other siblings; this was a huge shock to him. John’s Birthlink worker was able to find out information on births, deaths and marriages of his parents and siblings. John found this information really helpful as he hadn’t known much about his birth family before this. A current address was found for one of his brothers and John’s Birthlink worker wrote out to his brother on John’s behalf. John’s brother got back in touch and they have been sharing information since then. Ultimately they would like to meet face to face which will be supported by Birthlink for as long as is needed.

This is a complex case where John is being closely supported by his Birthlink worker. Although much of the information that John has found out has been hard for him, overall he is pleased that he now has some answers as he felt that he didn’t have any answers before.

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